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GUNTOP is situated on 25 rural acres, at Pheasants Nest,  in the picturesque Southern
Highlands of NSW, about an hour south of the "Olympic City" of  Sydney.

We have been breeding and showing this wonderful Breed for 40 years.

Many famous Boxers have called GUNTOP home, just a few are featured here.

We are both International All Breeds Dog Judges, having officiated at All Breeds  and
Breed Speciality Shows in the USA, England, Ireland, New Zealand, The West Indies,
The Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, India, South Africa, Portugal, Argentina,  
Sweden, Brazil, Japan and China as  well as in all States  of Australia.

Liz  judged Dogs and Intersex at The American Boxer Club's National Specialty in May

Liz is the President and Chairman of the Board of Dogs NSW.


                                                                    Miles & Liz Gunter
In the beginning...

Winners from the 80's

The 80's continue.......

The Legacy of Salgray's Argo

The Legacy continues

Toward The New Millennium

Guntop Goes "Hi Tech"

A Little "Treasure" Comes to Guntop

The Great Ch.Tenor de Loermo

Stars of the New Millennium

The Kennels

Novecento Del Nettuno (& babies!).

Photo Album

Champions Gallery

The "Fab Four"

A New Era       and thereby hangs a tail

Highlights for 2007  

New Champions 2008/2009

Highlights for 2010/2011

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